Your confidential partner for your next Career step! 

In this hub, we provide Telco professionals the possibility to find their next job quietly, discreetly, and most significantly, confidentially and without disrupting their current working environment.

HR-HUB4TELCOS is a service explicitly utilized by Telecommunication Providers that are looking to hire new personnel. Whether you are a Voice or a Messaging Professional working on the commercial side (e.g. Account Managers, Procurement Managers, OTT Managers, Marketers, etc.) or on the technical side (e.g. Routing Managers, NOC Εngineers, Firewall Experts, etc.), this is the place where you can explore multiple career opportunities without jeopardizing your current status. Nothing is disclosed to any third party(ies) thus none will be informed concerning our intentions and actions throughout the thorough hiring process.

Candidates who wish to commence a collaboration with us need to fulfill the form on the UPLOAD YOUR CV page, retrievable on the website of HR-HUB4TELCOS, and upload the latest version of their CV in PDF format.

The team of MoreThan160 stores the CV and the application on our database with absolute confidentiality and, on a primary level, matches the competence of each candidate with any available vacancy that we receive from our clients and/or with the needs of the Industry as to inform our clients about an exceptional case. When a successful match occurs, we inform the candidate via e-mail or via a message as to arrange a first ZOOM call.

During the ZOOM Call, we take into consideration the expertise, competence, and most importantly, the soft skills (i.e. personality) of the candidates. We do not take into consideration the race, ethnicity, sex, gender, or sexual orientation of our candidates.

Once we determine the suitability of a candidate, we proceed on disclosing to the candidate the name(s) of the company(ies) with the job opening(s) and, afterwards, on requesting the candidate per se, for an approval to send their related documents to the said company(ies). We do not, in any event, proceed without the consent of our candidates.

Our only goal is to seek the proper working environment for all our accepted candidates. We guide them along the way of the hiring process as to succeed and we keep contact for as long as they need our aid. Our database constists of over 1500 CVs of Telco professionals exclusively, who are investing their trust on us to seek opportunities and make their lives better!

Do you want to be a part of this network?

We don’t do miracles, although miracles happen every day!

Please read carefully:

  • and the “HR HUB4TELCOS” keeps all information highly confidential. This is vital, it’s a matter of your professional security, and it’s a promise by our side.
  • We don’t ask for Recommendations about our candidates from third parties. If we need any, we will ask the candidates directly!
  • By storing our candidates’ CVs in our database, doesn’t oblige and the “HR HUB4TELCOS” to find them a job.
  • We are here to make the best job-matching according to our candidates’ professional profiles and the market’s needs.
  • We don’t charge our candidates for storing or managing their CVs. Candidates applying for Supervisory, Operative, or Lower-Level Management and/or Middle-Level Management in Managerial, Technical, or Commercial vacancies (B-Level) have no charge.
  • There might be charges imposed on candidates for exceptional cases that concern exclusively high-level management, such as C-Level, D-Level, and positions with unique qualifications. In this case, the candidate is informed in advance, and the process pursues only after consent.
  • In case of future matching, we are contacting our candidates via email or a message to discuss further.
  • We don’t do miracles, although miracles happen every day!