HR-HUB4TELCOS is an HR service powered by MoreThan160 for Telco professionals’ headhunting specialized in SMS, Business Messaging, and Voice.

Voice or Messaging Professionals, Routing Managers, Account Managers, Marketers, C Level Executives, HR-HUB4TELCOS can find the candidates you are looking for and match the candidates with the most significant companies of the Telco ecosystem.

Our Telco Experience is your Competitive Advantage.

HR-HUB4TELCOs is not another H.R. Service. Dealing with the Telco Industry for the last 20 years, in HR-HUB4TELCOS we are not just Headhunters.

For us, a Telco vacancy it’s not just a title. It is a job that we know precisely what demands, the capabilities needed from the candidates, the threats, the opportunities, and the actual value of the current position.

Our knowledge of all the aspects of the Telco Industry, Voice, Tech, Messaging, OTT, and Platforms is the most crucial factor for providing to you the executives you are looking to hire.

HR-HUB4TELCOS is not an H.R. Services.
It’s an H.R. Services specialized exclusively in the Telco Industry.

About MoreThan160

”MoreThan160” is a telco consultancy network specialized in messaging, marketing, H.R., and training, led by Andreas S. Constantinides.

With over 20 years of Telco experience, we use our knowledge to bring companies together and establish new co-operations. The purpose is to increase market share by taking advantage of the latest industry trends.

Explore our services and discover the value of the innovative and multi-awarded MT160 Telco Consultancy Team.