HR-HUB4TELCOS is an innovative HR and Headhunting portal, powered by MoreThan160, providing its services exclusively to Telecommunication Providers.

We have proudly commenced HR-HUB4TELCOS in 2020, introducing a first-time service in the history of Telecommunications, and we have been successfully fulfilling all our clients’ requests ever since.

Our total expertise sums up to 20 years of experience, solely within the Telco Industry. We follow all tendencies, necessities, and news of the industry, and we have been expanding our connections, making an impact on the entire Telco Ecosystem.

For us, a Telco vacancy is not just a title. It is a job that due to our experience, we are able to thoroughly comprehend its responsibilities, demands, threats, opportunities, the particular standard of competence needed from the candidates, and its actual value.

Our knowledge of all the aspects of the Telco Industry, Voice, Tech, Messaging, OTT, and Platforms is the most crucial factor for providing the proper executives that our clients are looking to hire.

At HR-HUB4TELCOS, we “sell” professionalism and expertise. We do not take into consideration any race, ethnicity, skin color, sex, gender nor sexual orientation. We aim in attaining the same high standards for all accepted candidates that we collaborate with. Our ultimate objective is maintaining a satisfactory relationship with all our clients but additionally find the best possible working environment for our candidates. We fully appreciate and value the trust that both our clients and candidates have invested in us, so that’s why we intend on not dissapointing them.

After all, our Industry is all about personal-level relationships! Thus we intend on having many Telco-friends! Why don’t you join us?

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Our main goal with
is to attain
a social and economical impact
in the Telecommunication Industry

About MoreThan160

”MoreThan160” is a telco consultancy network specialized in messaging, marketing, H.R., and training, led by Andreas S. Constantinides.

With over 20 years of Telco experience, we use our knowledge to bring companies together and establish new co-operations. The purpose is to increase market share by taking advantage of the latest industry trends.

Explore our services and discover the value of the innovative and multi-awarded MT160 Telco Consultancy Team.