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SS7 Expert – IT Sysadmin (SS7SA522)


May 2022


SS7 Expert – IT Sysadmin (SS7SA522)



Work Time:



Based on Candidate’s experience

On behalf of a European SMS & Business Messaging Provider we are looking to hire: SS7 Expert – IT Sysadmin (SS7SA522)

Job Description:

  • SMSC, SMPP, HTTP, HTTPS, SIGTRAN, SS7 experience
  • Knowledge and relevant experience on VPN and messaging nodes (SMSC, Bulk SMS, SMSR, SMS HUB)
  • Provide 24X7X365 NOC Support for VAS related issues
  • Manage day to day operations of SMPP SS7 SMS NOC Customer/Vendor/Route/Rate Configuration Management, Trace Capturing & Troubleshooting

About the Role:

  • Troubleshoot aggregator issues such as connection outages, bind errors, message delivery issues.
  • Escalate quality level drops specific to country to aggregators and Google clients.
  • Troubleshoot country level, carrier level message delivery issues.
  • Timely resolution of issues raised by internal Google clients – message delivery, delivery latency, blocks, etc
  • UAT test cases and aggregator/carrier onboarding.
  • Automate frequent troubleshooting steps so as to accelerate problem isolation and thereby resolution of latency, dlr dip
  • Setup scripts to assess potential routing problem areas
  • Update trouble tickets in relevant Google tools
  • Feed input to report generation
  • Identify areas of improvement for mobile gateway from an operational perspective.

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